Prayer Before Study

,Our God and God of our Fathers and Mothers
.Through your grace we receive knowledge, through your teachings, wisdom
.Grace us with knowledge as we learn to contemplate
,Open our hearts to your Torah, the sounds of all voices
.Our eyes illuminated towards your image, revealed in each person
,We shall be happy in learning, in discovery and in renewal
,And administer upon us good spirit to understand and to study
.To hear, to learn and to teach
,Give our hearts love and peace, in order to learn from each other, in order to teach one another
.And to increase peace in the world
.Blessed are You, Adonai, who graces us with knowledge

Prayer After Study

,Our God and God of our Fathers and Mothers
.Give us the strength to act, the good and the right from everything we learned today
,May it be Your will, Adonai, to accompany us in peace, to lead us in peace
.To guide us in peace, and to bless the work of our hands
.May there be peace in our fortresses, tranquility in our palaces
.Blessed are You, Lord, who hears prayer

English Translations: Leah Maas